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Out Magazine Interview on Leaving OutServe-SLDN

Out Magazine Interview on Leaving OutServe-SLDN

I recently sat down with Jerry Portwood of Out Magazine to discuss why I left OutServe-SLDN and what I am looking at for the future.  Link to the full interview at the bottom! 



The Air Force officer and former OutServe-SLDN board member explains why he left the organization—and his plans for the future

The rumors, accusations, and innuendo surrounding the resignation of OutServe-SLDN Executive Director Allyson Robinson less than a year after she was named the head of the largest LGBT organization working for equality in the military have been raging for several weeks now. That was followed by the resignation of Lt. Josh Seefried, one of the co-founders of OutServe, from its board. "Three years ago, when I started OutServe, I didn't know what the Human Rights Campaign was, and now I've gotten to see a whole cycle of… I've had a helluva roller coaster on this," Seefried said, during his first inteview since news of the organizations financial and leadership troubles emerged.

Read the full interview HERE

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