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Running of the Bulls - Part 2

Running of the Bulls - Part 2


After we ran with the bulls, which you can see here, we decided to see an actual bull fight. The running of the bulls started for transporting cattle from one place to the other to sell them at the market.  So the whole point of run is to move them to the actual arena for the fight. 

Before the fight begins, the bring out all the participants.  It was quite the sight to see and the whole arena goes crazy. 


I didn't know much about bull fighting before Pamplona, so I was in a little shock when it started.  If you are unaware, the fight is actually torture towards the animal.  The animal is actually stabbed in the neck before they enter the arena. This is meant to weaken the bull.

As the fight progresses, the animal is stabbed several more times, until the bull is to weak to fight anymore and then the bull is stabbed a final time.  After the bull is dead, the bull is dragged by the neck by several horses.  Its really quite a sad thing to see.  I was uncomfortable after seeing it.  If you are interested in learning more about helping stop bullfighting you can read this article by the Los Angeles times

One warning! If you see the bull fight, plan to get covered in red sangria.  Every few minutes the sangria will come flying at you and there's no way to avoid it.  Here's a picture of my friend covered in sangria. 


After the bull fights are over, the party continues into the streets where people chant, dance and drink.  I have to say, with the amount of partying going on, I NEVER ONCE saw anyone get out of control, puke or seem completely out of it.  I was actually shocked, because the party really does go all hours of the day. 

Check out some more photos from Pamplona below!

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